Bay Area Bioidentical Hormone Patient Testimonials

California Age Management Institute

Dr. Miller’s thorough analyses, comprehensive lab testing, nutritional guidance in conjunction with the hormone restoration has significantly improved my health & vitality – far more than any assistance I’ve received from conventional MD’s or health advisors. I particularly value the customized lab report and the typed notes of the doctor’s interpretations, analysis, and treatment protocols that are given at the end of the visit. These are fantastic references and help keep you on track. The custom lab report reduces 5-10 hard to read pages to one page. Results are in tabular format, with each set of tests comprising a single column. Over time, each new set of 5-10 pg tests results adds a single new column to the report, making it easy to compare current results with past, identify trends and assess treatment protocols. Results are grouped by body system, e.g. lipids, glucose levels, hormones, thyroid, etc. – Jim B.

Dr. Miller, I refer you to friends and family regularly. Your assistance has literally helped change my life, resulting in increased vitality and energy. Your recommendations of vitamins, diet and hormones has been key to my improving health. You were also the first doctor to listen to my symptoms regarding stomach and intestinal distress and to confirm my gluten sensitivity with a blood test. As a result, I now feel much stronger and my digestive problems are greatly reduced. I can’t thank you enough for this! I lived away from the Bay Area for 4 years, and experienced a decline in energy while away. Upon returning and resuming my visits with you, my health improved rapidly. I will continue as a patient for life! – Peter M.

Dr. Miller does not approach his patients in the usual cookie cutter or tunnel vision manner of conventional doctors. Rather, he considers all aspects of a patient’s health and lifestyle and is then able to coordinate issues for cause and effect and their relationship to one another. From this approach, Dr. Miller provides a protocol for treatment. I would say that he practices integrative or holistic medicine, much to the benefit of his patients. – Rosalie C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Miller’s for 10 years. Not only do I appreciate the thorough and critical blood testing but also the very thorough office visit discussion relating to the lab numbers, including nutritional and dietary strategies to improve those lab numbers for greater health, longevity and well being. Not only have I gained an outstanding doctor/patient relationship, but also an education in integrative medicine that empowers me to make informed choices and decisions for my own health and well being. Thank you Dr. Miller for all your help and support through the years! – Larry R.

I have been seeing Dr. Miller since 2003, when he solved my biggest problem, missed by other doctors and really impacting my life. There were of course other tidbits that he uncovered and together we resolved. Very happy camper here, Dr. Miller is Very Highly recommended. – Richard W.

Always a pleasure to see Dr. Miller. He takes the time to address all my concerns and keeps me focused on maintaining good health. Because of him, I am at least 10 years younger physically (internal and external) than my real age of 62. – Dianne B.

I have been seeing Dr. Miller now regularly for 4 years. The lab analysis, wellness questionnaire, and physical exams by Dr. Miller turned my overall health around radically for the better. I recommend this wellness program to anyone who wishes to dramatically change their overall energy, stamina and libido. One of the biggest benefits has beenrestful sleep of 7-8 hours along with a renewed sense of physical and mental vitality. – Mark K.

As always, Dr. Miller provided clear, well explained rationals as we discussed the new clinical lab results, improvements over time, and the targets to be in an optimal health zone. California Age Management Institute and Dr. Miller provide a comprehensive health map to achieving and maintaining ‘youth’ together with longivity! THANK YOU !!! – Dennis F.

Dr. Miller is the best doctor I’ve ever had. He informs me about my health in detail and how to improve it. He answers all of my many questions to my satisfaction. Dr. Miller’s recommendations have helped me feel much better and have helped me maintain my health. I cannot reccomend him highly enough. – Peter M.

I found Dr Miller in the back of a book, did some internet research, read the comments section and took a leap of faith. I struck gold! Dr M. has more than lived up to expectation and hope. I have spent over a decade living in increasing desperation and despair searching for help with my downward spiral into ill-health with no help from the many, many doctors I have consulted. Dr M. listened, questioned and then offered solutions – both medical and holistic. It has been a slow bumpy ride as I have persistently had ‘perverse reactions’, however, with Dr M.’s excellent diagnostic and treatment skills we have persisted, found ways around the problems and finally, I am delighted to say, I am again living and thriving. After more than fifteen years of atrocious health, it is a most wonderful feeling. Viva Dr M.! – Jane M.